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Hundreds of Australian businesses support price on carbon

04 July 2012
Hundreds of Australian businesses support price on carbon

MELBOURNE: This week, hundreds of businesses from across Australia came together under a targeted campaign, Businesses for a Clean Economy, to voice their support for a price on carbon. Caroline Bayliss, Australia Director, The Climate Group, commends the leading businesses and urges others to join them.

Showing their support in the advertising campaign - which has flooded national print and online media - the 398 businesses come from a range of sectors and include ARUP, GE, IKEA, Pacific Hydro, Unilever and Vestas.

The businesses believe that a carbon price will drive investment and innovation, and will ensure that Australia remains competitive as the world shifts to a low carbon economy.

“A carbon price with cost effective complementary measures is critical to reducing Australia’s emissions,” said Nathan Fabian, CEO of the Investors Group on Climate Change and spokesman for Business for a Clean Economy. “Countries around the world are acting to reduce emissions, and Australia needs to put a price on carbon in order to remain competitive and drive innovation,” he said.

Caroline Bayliss, Australia Director, The Climate Group, said: “This week saw the introduction of an important economic and environmental milestone for Australia, with the commencement of a carbon price. From July 1, Australia joins the many economies around the world that have imposed a business cost on carbon pollution.

“The Businesses for a Clean Economy initiative gives a voice to businesses that support the carbon price – leading organizations, large and small, that recognize a carbon price will unlock jobs and investment in new industries, products and services.

“These businesses are quite rightly calling for stable, long-term policy certainty that will scale up the energy efficiency measures and renewable energy investments that will drive Australia's Clean Revolution. Existing laws need to be maintained that enable business to get on with the job of building a prosperous, competitive, low carbon economy for Australia.

“I commend AGL, ARUP, Fujitsu, GE, Grocon, IKEA, Pacific Hydro, The Body Shop Australia, Unilever, Vestas, Westpac and many other businesses that are already investing in a cleaner, smarter future for Australia – and I urge other businesses to join them”.

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