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IKEA opens new wind farm in Poland

25 June 2013
IKEA opens new wind farm in Poland

RYMANOW: IKEA and Martifer Group, a construction company, have formally opened a new 26 megawatt wind farm in Rymanów, Poland. The site is set to generate 61 GWh of energy annually and represents a significant step towards the ‘Net Good’ business model.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Rymanów, Wojciech Farbaniec as well as representatives from both companies and the general public.


Poland provides a strong example of IKEA’s sustainability commitment. Already the Scandinavian furniture giant owns and operates two wind farms within Poland, and with this new addition its total wind turbines will increase to 27. These turbines are responsible for 30% of IKEA’s energy use in the country.

The company is also expanding its solar energy technology. At present three Polish stores use solar panels to heat water and two stores and a distribution centre use ground heat exchangers in combination with heat pumps to heat or cool the buildings.

Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer of the IKEA Group was positive about this recent sustainability development: “The opening of the third wind farm in Poland is an important step forward in our efforts to become energy independent – producing more renewable energy than we consume. We will continue to invest in renewable energy and in other solutions enabling sustainability, both in our operations and in customer’s homes.” 

Ben Ferrari, Director of Corporate Relations at The Climate Group, said: "IKEA is a leading example of a company which successfully combines corporate sustainability with business profit. The new wind farm in Poland is clear evidence of their global commitment to manage carbon emissions associated with their own operations.  It is imperative that other companies demonstrate the same leadership in tackling global warming by adopting an equally strategic approach to investment in renewable energy."


The wind farm opening is just part of IKEA's committment to sustainable operations. Last year, IKEA produced enough renewable energy to offset a third of its consumption, and by 2020, the company aims to generate as much renewable energy as it uses in its operations.

In addition, IKEA is committed to investing €1.5 billion in renewable energy over a two-year period to accelerate progress towards its 100% sustainability target, and the company’s short-term goal is to be 20% more energy efficient in 2015, compared to 2010.

During our recent live EarthHack Google+ HangoutMatt Stanley of IKEA’s Innovation and Sustainability Unit also highlighted that by 2016, the corporation will only have LED lighting within its range, as the technology is “85% more efficient than traditional incandescents”.

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By Alana Ryan


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