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IKEA partners with Hanergy to install solar panels on China stores

14 June 2012
IKEA partners with Hanergy to install solar panels on China stores

LONDON: Member of The Climate Group, Hanergy, has partnered with leading retailer IKEA to install solar panels on the store’s buildings across China

Hanergy, a major privately-owned power generation company with a solar production capacity of over 2000 megawatts, will make and install the new panels on IKEA-owned buildings over the next three years.

Once installed, the panels will save IKEA around 6,000 tons of CO2 every year, and will help the company reach its goal of using clean energy alone to power its buildings.

The solar photovoltaic panels also make economic sense for IKEA. They will provide 10-15% of all electricity that is needed to run IKEA stores and 100% of electricity needed to power IKEA’s Chinese distribution centers.  

“Our partnership with IKEA is an exciting opportunity to promote the smart use of thin film solar technology as a reliable, clean and alternative source of energy. In the current context of high electricity demand, such initiatives have the potential to relieve pressure on the national grid, support our clients’ business and preserve the environment,” said Li Hejun, Chairman of Hanergy.

“IKEA has a long-term commitment to use 100% renewable energy to power our buildings and this is an important and significant step towards reaching that goal. Not only will we harness the sun to help power our stores and other buildings across China, but we will also extend the scope of the project over the coming year to our supply base across the country; enabling them to utlize an affordable and reliable supply of clean energy,” said Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA Group, Former CEO and Co-founder of The Climate Group.  

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group says: “Collaboration between innovative business leaders will continue to drive clean technology up-scale, despite the global recession. The partnership between IKEA and Hanergy will keep greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills down, and inspired by results, it will spark similar business collaborations between industry leaders in China and beyond. Leadership such as that demonstrated by Hanergy and IKEA is accelerating the new clean industrial revolution that we need to secure sustainable, economic growth.”

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