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In the headlines: global wind market to quadruple by 2030 and UK fourth most attractive country for clean energy investment

02 September 2013
In the headlines: global wind market to quadruple by 2030 and UK fourth most attractive country for clean energy investment

Clean Revolution news stories you may have missed:


Siemens, the world's third-largest maker of wind turbines, expects the global wind power market to more than quadruple by 2030, lifted by strong growth in Asia. "The market will shift away from Europe significantly," Markus Tacke, chief executive of the German company's Wind Power division, said at a renewable energy conference in Berlin. He said globally installed wind power capacity would increase to 1,107 gigawatt (GW) in 2030 from 273 GW in 2012, with Asia and the Pacific region accounting for more than 47 per cent of the total, up from 34 per cent now. Business Spectator, August, 27.


Greenhouse gas emissions from China's energy industry are likely to peak in 2027 as renewable energy and gas play an increasingly dominant role in the country's energy mix. That is the conclusion of a major new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) that predicts renewables, including large-scale hydroelectric projects, will contribute more than half of new capacity through to 2030 as the country's total power generation more than doubles. BusinessGreen, August, 27.


Germany’s wind energy sector is reportedly set to see a surge in demand in the second half of the year, as developers rush to take advantage of higher subsidies before an expected cut in support levels. According to Reuters' reports, Germany’s wind trade body BWE expects around 1.8GW of new capacity to be installed in the second half of this year compared to just over 1.1GW in the first six months of 2013. BusinessGreen, August 29.


India has invited Pakistan for talks on four controversial hydel power projects with capacity to generate more than 2000MW of energy, that it is building on Chenab river. New Delhi has sent a letter to Pakistan proposing September 21-25 for the talks which well informed sources say is the result of back channel diplomacy between special envoys of Prime Ministers of the two countries. Business Recorder, September 1.

A $360 million credit to India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh (UP), was approved by the World Bank Board of Executive Directors today to help build the institutional capacity needed to increase agricultural productivity in this low-income state where agriculture will continue to play an important role in alleviating poverty. World Bank, August, 28.

North America

Clean energy and transportation projects launched across the US in the second quarter of 2013 have led to the creation of 38,600 new jobs in the sector, says a report by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2). The number of jobs is slightly more for Q2 of 2013 than it was for the same period in 2012 (37,400). Environmental Leader, August 29.

Residential solar PV systems are being installed in the US at a rate of one unit every four minutes, according to an industry analyst. GTM Research vice president Shayle Kann told PV-Tech that although the data was taken from the first quarter of this year, the frequency of installations illustrates a bullish trend for the residential market. GTM Research forecasts that there will be 136,000 systems installed this year, 128,000 of which will be residential. That is a sizeable increase from the 43,000 system installations between 2006 and 2010, which amounts to a rate of one system every 80 minutes. Business Spectator, August, 27.


The share of the UK's electricity mix provided by low-carbon power has jumped again, climbing from 28.4 per cent during the first quarter of 2012 to 30.4 per cent during the first quarter of this year. Official government figures released yesterday credited higher levels of renewable energy and nuclear generation for the strong performance, which also saw the share of power provided by coal and gas fall slightly. BusinessGreen, August 30.

The UK is the fourth most attractive country for clean energy investment according to Ernst & Young, moving up one place in the ranking since May. The audit firm’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) report paints the UK as one of the best places to invest in renewables, behind the US, China and Germany. Blue and Green Tomorrow, August, 29.


CO2 Solutions says it has demonstrated that its enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology is at least one-third less expensive than existing carbon capture technology in terms of energy consumption, and can withstand the rigors of industrial application — two technical performance milestones for its Alberta oil sands project, the company says. The project will now proceed to the large-bench scale (0.5 metric ton/day CO2 capture) testing phase for the remainder of 2013 where the same performance metrics will be validated under flue gas conditions. Following successful large-bench validation and, according to the current schedule, the project will move to field pilot-scale (approximately 15 metric tons/day CO2 capture) testing in 2014, CO2 Solutions says. Environmental Leader, August 30.

Volvo Group has this week revealed how a combination of cleaner fuels, more efficient engines, and smarter logistics have helped cut emissions from a fleet of 400 trucks by almost a third as part of a three year trial. The auto giant published results from its Climate Smart City Distribution project earlier this week, detailing how a fleet of distribution trucks in the Swedish city of Gothenburg used new technologies and management techniques to cut emissions 30 per cent. BusinessGreen, August 30.

LED and low carbon lighting

The latest arrival at the UK's busiest train station is a new intelligent lighting control system that should cut lighting costs at Clapham Junction by around 35 per cent. The system, installed by lighting controls company Open Technology, will automatically determine the precise light levels required during different phases of operation, matching lighting use to trains timetables, passenger presence and natural light levels; for example by dimming lights when the station is not being used or switching them off entirely when it is closed. The system has been installed as part of an energy reduction and climate change drive by South West Trains and Network Rail that is expected to achieve annual energy cost savings of between £7m and £12m, delivering pay back for the project within six years. BusinessGreen, September 2.

SLT Asia has announced completion of the biggest OLED lighting project in Southeast Asia after installing 1680 Philips Lumiblade OLED tiles in the Providence VIP Club located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The solid-state lighting (SSL) project provides a dynamic experience for customers at the high-end night club, but also surely came at significant cost. Still, the owners seem pleased with the results that couldn’t be achieved with other light sources including LEDs. LEDs Magazine, August 27.

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