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International Clean Coal Utilization and Industrialization (Guizhou) Conference

01 November 2012
International Clean Coal Utilization and Industrialization (Guizhou) Conference

GUIYANG: On October 27, The Climate Group convened international and national clean coal experts at the International Clean Coal Utilization and Industrialization (Guizhou) Conference, held with the support of Guizhou A&A Energy Co. Ltd.

Amongst the attendees were the Vice Mayor of Guiyang municipality as well as government officials from Guizhou Environmental Protection Bureau, Development and Reform Committee, and Economy & Information Technology Commission.

Guizhou is commonly known as Coal Sea of South-West China due to its abundant rich coal resources and limited renewable energies. Guizhou coal has the features of high sulphur and ash, which together result in low efficiency and high pollution. Government officials are facing the challenge of protecting the environment while developing industry and the economy. To solve the problem, the utilization of clean coal is one option for guaranteeing a stable energy supply whilst reducing carbon emission.

The invited experts constitute The International Clean Coal Utilization and Industrialization Committee that aims to introduce Guizhou to the latest solutions in clean coal and related industries to support its clean energy developments. The Committee covers energy, environmental protection, power generation, CWS and investment sectors; and is co-chaired by Mr. Milton Catelin, CEO of World Coal Association, and Mr. Xiangkun Ren, Energy Expert of China 863 Plan and Team Leader of National Clean Coal Expert Panel.

At the conference the first working meeting of the Committee discussed national policies, technology trends, possible financing model and the strategy of Guizhou clean coal developments, and raised the urgency and necessity of making the provincial clean coal development roadmap. All of the experts agreed to help make a specialized clean coal and related industry development plan for Guizhou.

Mr. Catelin said: “In terms of coal utilization, the practice of Guizhou will not only benefit its own sustainable developments but also the precious experience for other developing areas in the world.”

Ms Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The Climate Group, said that it was very important to invite national and international experts to advise on clean utilization, environmental protection and energy efficiency issues under the current thermal power focused energy structure.

“What’s more important is we want it to be a long-term mechanism to contribute on Guizhou’s green growth.” said Ms Changhua Wu

During the morning session of the conference, Committee experts and Guizhou government officials gave speeches on clean coal related topics. While, the experts discussed about the responsibilities, outputs and future work plan during the afternoon session. Mr. Yuhai Liu, Vice Mayor of Guiyang municipality, thought highly of the meeting and said that the advice from the Committee provided an important decision-making basis for future regional sustainable developments.

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