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Mark Kenber: "A clean revolution is key to growth, investment, jobs, health, security. There is no high-carbon, prosperous future."

24 April 2014
Mark Kenber: "A clean revolution is key to growth, investment, jobs, health, security. There is no high-carbon, prosperous future."

LONDON: On the eve of The Climate Group's 10th anniversary event which takes place in London on April 28, our CEO Mark Kenber took part in a live Twitter Q&A today on @ClimateGroup and @MarkKenber, exploring what the world urgently needs to build a low carbon future.

The session began with Mark answering questions around the crucial role of different actors - varying from consumers to urban areas - in curbing climate change and securing a future based on a low carbon economy. Spotlighting the scale of the climate challenge and importance of renewables in addressing it, Mark stressed key barriers to the acceleration of clean energy adoption across the world.

When asked how he feels about the prospects for our planet, Mark said that on both a professional and personal level he is "optimistic", but emphasized that renewables must be embedded deeply into our energy infrastructure across all economies and industries in order to have a real impact towards achieving a safer future. 

Questioned about the true power of public platforms such as social media, Mark underlined how critical mass movements can spur businesses and governments to act. But despite its potential influence, much progress is still to be made in a mainstream climate movement, as highlighted by BT's Chief Sustainability Officer who asked Mark his thoughts on why there has been no mass change in public opinion and action around climate change.  

Turning the focus to the bi-partisan politics of climate change, Mark highlighted 'odd moments' of cross-party consensus such as in the UK 3 years ago, but largely critisized the perception of the climate change dialogue for not being seen as a source of future prosperity and jobs - as it should be.

Concluding by looking at key actions government leaders could take to accelerate a clean revolution, Mark was also keen to highlight progress that has been made over the past 10 years, a point that will be shared at The Climate Group's event in London this coming Monday.

If you're interested in some of the topics that were raised in today's session, you can continue this discussion in our new Google+ Community.

The Climate Group marks its 10 year anniversary with an event in London, Low Carbon Growth and Opportunity: Paris and Beyond on 28 April. You can watch it live on our website - just keep your eye on the homepage.

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