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Philips' green products make up almost half of total sales

28 February 2013
Philips' green products make up almost half of total sales

LONDON: Member of The Climate Group, Philips, has reported that almost half of its total sales come from its Green Products, a fact which is helping accelerate the company towards its 2015 sustainability performance targets.

Philips’ Green Products sales reached EUR 11.3 billion in 2012, which is 45% of total sales. The achievement pushes Philips towards its EcoVision sustainability performance targets of 2015.

The biggest growth came from Philips’ environmentally friendly healthcare products. Jim Andrew, Chairman of the Sustainability Board and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Philips said: “We are proud to report that today Philips improves the lives of every 4th person on earth and our ambition is to grow this target to 3 billion a year by 2025 as part of our company’s vision.”

He added: “We have also made huge progress in the environmental impact of our operations and have reached our five-year carbon reduction target of 25% this year. This was primarily accomplished through energy saving programs in our major operational sites, green logistics, reduced travel and increased use of renewable energy, which we will continue to implement globally.”

The announcement comes as Philips releases its 2012 Annual Report, of which includes a Sustainability Report.

In 2012, Philips invested EUR 569 million in Green Innovation and is on track to reach EUR 2 billion by 2015.

LED lighting claimed the bulk of this investment in 2012, with more than EUR 325 million invested in innovation towards accelerating the LED revolution.

Jim Walker, Co-founder and International Programs and Stratefy Director, The Climate Group said: “At Rio+20 The Climate Group called for every major business to have a significant low carbon business play by 2015, and Philips’ LED business is a prime example of what we are looking for. Philips is at the forefront of much-needed ‘disruptive’ low carbon innovation; a move that is transforming the lighting industry and helping us see our homes and streets in a new light."

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