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Philips joins The Climate Group's global coalition of leading businesses

09 July 2010
Philips joins The Climate Group's global coalition of leading businesses
Royal Philips Electronics, a global leader in lighting, health and energy efficiency announced that it is joining The Climate Group today. The world’s biggest lighting company, Philips will work with the international non-profit and its corporate coalition to fast track smart policies and technologies that will cut global emissions and advance progress towards a low-carbon economy.

The announcement enhances The Climate Group’s work to speed up the roll out of LED technology. Philips is already collaborating with The Climate Group on its 1000 Solar Village Project in China by donating solar powered LED streetlights to rural villages. In addition, several municipal governments participating in The Climate Group’s LightSavers program have independently selected several Philips LED streetlight products for use  in their trials.  LightSavers is a global trial to test the efficacy and cost savings of outdoor LED lights in major cities around the world.

The announcement means the company will also add its expertise to further Climate Group work such as the Smart 2020 project, which aims to demonstrate how cities can become more energy efficient through the use of smarter, connected urban infrastructure and communications technology.

The announcement underlines Philips’ commitment to environmental leadership and reputation as one of the world’s foremost innovators in sustainable technology. Sustainability is a core part of the Philips’ overall strategy and it recently set out ambitious new environmental targets: its new EcoVision 5 strategy aims, among other things, to see a 50 per cent improvement in the overall energy efficiency of its product portfolio, as well as double recycling amounts and recycled materials in its products by 2015.

Already a recognized global leader in LED technology, Philips is substantially broadening its LED product portfolio for both domestic and commercial customers. During 2010, Philips will announce a range of new outdoor luminaries designed to further the appeal and progress of outdoor LED lighting. The range will help customers significantly improve their energy efficiency and reduce their emissions, as well as bringing a variety of co-benefits such as improved road and pedestrian safety in cities and reduced night-time light disturbance.

Rudy Provoost, CEO of Philips Lighting, Member of the Board of Management of Royal Philips Electronics, and Chairman of the Philips Sustainability Board, said: “Philips has long shared The Climate Group’s vision of a prosperous, sustainable and low carbon future for our economy and our planet, and advocates the provision of simple solutions with a lighter ecological footprint which improve people’s health and well-being.  We are very proud to be officially joining this great organization and we are looking forward to collaborating with The Climate Group and its members to really drive the development and deployment of smart, green technologies around the world.”

Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group, said: “We are delighted to have Philips on board. Like The Climate Group, Philips is actively working to create the kind of livable and sustainable cities that will thrive as part of a future low-carbon economy and improve people’s lives in the process. In joining our growing coalition of progressive businesses, it has further underlined its place as an environmental leader.”

Download the full press release here.

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