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Philips sponsors UNESCO's International Year of Light 2015

10 April 2014
Philips sponsors UNESCO's International Year of Light 2015

LONDON: International lighting giant Philips has just announced a strategic partnership with UNESCO ahead of the International Year of Light in 2015.

The electronics company will be the first patron sponsor of the UNESCO-led initiative, which seeks to promote the role light plays in global development and progress. At present 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to electric light after nightfall.

The International Year of Light has five main aims:

  • promoting light technologies for improved quality of life in developed and developing world 
  • reducing light pollution and energy waste
  • promoting women’s empowerment in science
  • improving education among young people
  • promoting sustainable development. 

UNESCO has described Philips as a 'a natural partner' for the awareness raising campaign. The corporation has been a champion of LED lighting which is highly energy efficient and has worked a number of cities to modernize out-dated public lighting systems.

Furthermore, in collaboration with The Climate Group, Philips are undertaking a global 'consultation process' with states and regions internationally to identify and address barriers to the adoption of low carbon LED street lighting in cities.

These experiences ensure the company will be well-equipped to work with UNESCO in delivering the benefits of light to citizens worldwide.

One of the projects Philips and UNESCO will work together on is “Study after Sunset”, an initiative which seeks to promote the use of portable solar-powered high brightness LED lanterns in areas where lighting is inadequate or non-existent.

Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public and Government Affairs, Philips Lighting, elaborated: “LED technologies and digital lighting have made lighting solutions more energy efficient, controllable and accessible. Light has entered a digital era. It is now connected to networks, devices and apps, enabling people and organizations such as Philips and UNESCO to address the world’s challenges like never before.”

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By Alana Ryan 


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