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Research into CDM policy published

06 November 2012
Research into CDM policy published

BEIJING: The results of an extensive research programme on the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism (CDM) have been released by the high-level panel on the CDM policy dialogue.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The Climate Group is a member of the panel which was established to conduct an independent review of the lessons learned from the CDM to date, and to assess if and how the CDM may continue to have a role beyond 2012.

The panel’s final report was released in September and included 51 specific recommendations on how to position the CDM for the future. The wide research materials underpinning the recommendations are now released in their entirety.

The research is presented in three main reports on the impact of the CDM, the governance of the CDM, and the future context for the CDM. In addition, eleven topic-specific reports have been released in areas ranging from the sustainable development impact of the CDM and the financial set-up of the mechanism to the potential for cooperation with the Green Climate Fund and the potential for REDD in the CDM.

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