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Shaping China's climate finance policy

26 September 2012
Shaping China's climate finance policy

BEIJING: Today the China Climate Finance Advisory Council plus government officials and other financial experts, convened to further explore climate finance institution and governance in China. This is the second roundtable discussion between The Climate Group and the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) to shape China’s climate finance policy.

This high-level event took place ahead of the release of a research report next month on the climate finance policy framework in China, which includes the strategic planning needed to catalyze capital flow and improve capital efficiency in China’s climate finance.

The framework will cover sources and channels of capital flow; institution and governance issues; policies required to enable low carbon and climate resilient investments; policy assessment mechanisms, and a detailed implementation plan.

Policy recommendations in the research report will be submitted to the Chinese Government before the 18th National Congress.

Roundtable delegates include Leo Geddes, First Secretary of Economic and Energy Policy, UK Embassy; Maosheng Duan, Professor, Tsinghua University and Chairman of the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board; Wenhang Huang, Director, Division of International Cooperation, Department of Addressing Climate Change, NDRC; Jianping Shi, Vice President, CUF; and 11 other thought leaders from investment and finance institutes.

The roundtable reviewed the six chapters of the draft report:

  • Climate finance definition
  • Global climate finance picture
  • China’s climate fund and management system analysis
  • Climate finance case study and experience sharing
  • Carbon market structure and governance under the Kyoto Protocol
  • Climate finance policy recommendations

“Climate finance plays a vital role in combating climate change. Our mission is to facilitate the establishment of a clear and systematic climate finance governance and policy framework, supported by climate fund statistics, monitoring and performance evaluation at the national level.” Changhua Wu, Greater China Director , The Climate Group, mentioned at the event.

The Climate Finance project is sponsored by the UK SPF Prosperity Fund.

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