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Sustainability is climbing boardroom agendas: See the world’s top companies

13 September 2012
Sustainability is climbing boardroom agendas: See the world’s top companies

NEW YORK: The Carbon Disclosure Project has launched two reports and held a virtual Forum to discuss the results. The global report says more companies across the world are integrating sustainability into their business plans – and reveals the companies that have come out on top.

The Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Global 500 Climate Change report, which was co-written by PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of 655 investors representing US$78 trillion in assets, offers a yearly update on emissions data and sustainability strategies from the world’s biggest corporations.

Top corporate emissions reductions

Results show there has been a 10% increase year-on-year in companies integrating climate change into their business plans, which has contributed to a 13.8% reduction in reported corporate emissions. This reduction is the equivalent to taking 138 million cars off the roads.

CDP says this trend is due to recent weather changes and the ensuing business disruption. “Extreme weather events are causing significant financial damage to markets,” says Paul Simpson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project. “Investors therefore expect corporations to think more about climate resilience. There are still leaders and laggards but the economic driver for action is growing, as is the number of investors requesting emissions data. Governments seeking to build strong economies should take note.”

The report features a Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), which records emissions data from 379 companies, who are also rated on their transparency. They are then rated on performance – the scale and quality of their reductions – and allotted a place in the Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) too.

German companies dominate the top ten, with Bayer, BASF, BMW and Allianz Group scoring highly. Members of The Climate Group, Philips, Swiss Re, Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs  also featured highly in the table. See the full index.

More reporting from American companies

The CDP also launched a report focusing purely on the US, the S&P 500 Climate Change report, which finds American companies are swiftly closing the gap between carbon reporting and performance. The table is dominated by the financial sector, with Pepco Holdings, NYSE Euronext and Wells Fargo topping the list. See the full index.

CDP’s Global Climate Change Forum offered a chance for experts to discuss the findings. It was broadcasted live online to a global audience, allowing powerful decision-makers to connect with leading policy experts and discuss how business will succeed in an uncertain world.

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