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The Climate Group and China ACM launch project to bolster urban construction waste recycling

09 January 2013
The Climate Group and China ACM launch project to bolster urban construction waste recycling

BEIJING: The Climate Group is joining forces with one of China’s biggest concrete producers, the China Advanced Construction Materials Group (China ACM) to tackle one of the biggest side-effects of China’s rapid growth and urbanization: urban construction waste.

Under The Climate Group’s China Redesign platform, the year-long project seeks to cut waste and bolster recycling of urban construction resources.

China produces 300 million tons of construction waste per year – a figure that accounts for 30-40% of total waste. Less than 5% of that amount is currently recycled.

Even though there have been attempts from several cities to tackle the issue, there hasn’t been any nation-wide systematic effort. The Chinese Government has listed urban construction waste recycling as one of the country’s seven strategic industries in the 12th Five-Year Plan.

Under the joint The Climate Group-China ACM project, an expert committee of government and business leaders, academics and representatives from international organizations will be formed.

The group will conduct tours on the ground in cities around China, hold panel discussions and explore topics such as policy mechanisms that need to be set up, government support and international best practices.

Changhua Wu, The Climate Group’s Greater China Director, said: “Our partnership with China ACM is hugely important and an integral part of our China Redesign program. Through projects that have an impact where it is most needed we want to help urban policymakers to find solutions that will reduce the resource waste while exploring the business opportunities in waste recycling.

Han Xianfu, Chairman, China ACM, said: "Xinao’s innovation for the construction waste resources recycling is to connect construction waste disposal and recycled concrete production into the industry chain. This project will provide a complete innovative solution. It will make construction waste resources directly into quality concrete for market use, rather than into simple recycled brick to solve construction wastes. So market utilization and the commodity value grows higher, and the entire system can be operated in a fully market-oriented way.”

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