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The Climate Group launches India newsletter ahead of leadership change

15 May 2014
The Climate Group launches India newsletter ahead of leadership change

NEW DELHI: In recognition of the leading role that India is playing in driving the Asian Clean Revolution and ahead of tomorrow's general election results, The Climate Group is launching a new newsletter to highlight the country’s top climate policy and clean tech news, analysis, blogs and insight. Sign up now.

India is going through a period of exciting change, and one which is defined by the significant interest in the development of clean, reliable energy.

The front runner for Prime Minister in the national elections, Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, recently stated his commitment to alternative energy at a public rally: “We have to focus on generating more power from our abundant renewable energy resources. The time has arrived for a saffron revolution, and the color of energy is saffron.

According to Bloomberg newswire, Mr. Modi continued: “God has showered our country with an abundance of renewable energy. [...] If these renewable resources were exploited properly, we wouldn’t have required mining coal or spending so much on importing crude and petroleum products.”

Our first newsletter, which will coincide with Friday's Prime Ministerial election results, will examine the political climate for alternative energy and the potential of the new government to push a green agenda.

Krishnan Pallassana, India Director, The Climate Group, comments: "The first edition of the newsletter from The Climate Group India comes at a time when the country as a whole is on crossroads, singularly voting to power a new government that promises growth and development. For India, no time is better than now to demonstrate that the all-round aspirations could be built on a low carbon economic framework, taking the country to a path of energy sufficiency, carbon efficiency and smart processes to deliver an equitable economic and social security, progress and prosperity.

"We are buoyant and optimistic. We believe that drastic reduction in carbon emission is not detrimental to growth and development, rather, could catalyze the power within. What we are seeking is a paradigm shift in the way we have managed economy, conducted business and informed markets. If we have to forgo generations of conventional notions and approach, let be. If we have to discard traditional notions of risks and opportunities, let us. Do we have that political will, vision and commitment? YES, we do and we believe that in Mr. Modi, we have the right person to unleash that potential. Challenges may be many, but that’s what will make the journey to a new future worthy and memorable.

"The purpose of this newsletter is to enter into a discourse on clean energy business-led solutions. As evident from the innovations in our programs, BIJLI – Clean energy for all projects is demonstrating the immense potential of off grid distributed energy to turn the development paradigm upside down… The LED street light program that we started piloting years ago is going places with more and more cities moving into smart energy saving choices. Advocating manifold increase in clean energy investments, conducive policy framework and presenting evidences to substantiate our claims is a team that believes in our mission. Do feel free to write to us. Together, lets chart a new tomorrow!"

A central component of India’s climate strategy is solar power expansion. Solar energy is rapidly gaining traction with the environmentally engaged citizenry thanks to its dependable track record, combined with a massive drop in production costs over the past three years.

Indeed, the Indian Government has pledged to reach a goal of 22,000 MW solar capacity by 2022. Furthermore, Mercom Capital, a global clean energy consulting firm has forecast the 2014 will deliver additional solar market growth, with 1GW of capacity expected to be added over the course of the twelve months.

Future newsletters will document the key public policy decisions and environmental opportunities for clean energy, while also providing updates on The Climate Group’s Bijli - Clean energy for all project, which seeks to provide reliable off-grid energy for the 400 million people in India who currently have no access or limited access to power.

The newsletter is certain to be a key information source for policymakers, corporate leaders and environmental enthusiasts.

To subscribe to the free newsletter now, please contact us.

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