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Mark Kenber: Today's Budget is a mixed bag for the UK’s low carbon future

20 March 2013
Mark Kenber: Today's Budget is a mixed bag for the UK’s low carbon future

LONDON: Today the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivered his Budget statement to the House of Commons.

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group commented:

"The Chancellor’s Budget and his statement today were really a mixed bag for the all those that believe in the UK’s low carbon future.

"It’s a pleasant surprise to actually hear the Chancellor mentioning the need for a low carbon economy. Still, he keeps on making the fundamental mistake of thinking that investment in renewable energy and cleantech 'costs' jobs. There is solid evidence from every corner of the world that investment in the low carbon economy actually creates jobs and increases productivity.

"What Britain needs is a clear, low carbon, high growth strategy for the future. A strategy where we do not just build “infrastructure” but the right infrastructure to lower emissions, lower electricity bills and increase energy efficiency. A strategy that will help CCS become a credible growth industry for the UK. A strategy where gas has a future – not as a panacea for all our economic ills but as a way to replace coal and help us to smooth our transition to a low carbon future. A strategy that features prominently renewable energy and smart grids – all missing from the Chancellor’s statement today."

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