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UNFCCC turns 20: Your chance to get involved in the global climate debate

20 March 2014
UNFCCC turns 20: Your chance to get involved in the global climate debate

LONDON: Tomorrow the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) celebrates its 20th anniversary by inviting you to contribute your thoughts on global efforts to curb an out of control climate, on social media.

The UNFCCC is celebrating its 20th anniversary on 21 March with a crowd-sourced look back at the landmark achievements of its critical journey to share the urgency and opportunity of global action on climate change.

Despite difficulties in the global climate negotiations to date, the organization sees the anniversary as "an opportunity to look ahead at what needs to be done as we approach 2015, the year in which a global climate change agreement is to be concluded in Paris, and as governments work to raise immediate ambition to curb emissions and to build greater resilience to climate change".

To involve those that have been following the climate battle over the years, the UNFCCC secretariat has asked people to post pictures on Twitter of moments that have inspired them using hashtag #FCCCpic, with the best image being retweeted by @UN_climatetalks, and posted on the UNFCCC website and Facebook page.

Tomorrow UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres will also make an appearance on Twitter with a live chat from 4-4:30pm (CET). You can put questions to Christiana (@CFigueres) from now, using the hashtag #FCCCresulted.

The Climate Group, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has worked with UNFCCC on a number of projects and programs to drive climate action and low carbon growth with leaders around the world.

Damian Ryan, Senior Policy Manager, The Climate Group, commented: “The UNFCCC is undoubtedly one of those institutions, which, if it didn’t exist, would need to be invented. Despite the criticism directed at times toward international climate negotiations, the fact is that we need the UNFCCC as an institution for facilitating and administrating the global efforts that are essential for addressing climate change. The UNFCCC and its staff have played this role admirably over the last 20 years and deserve recognition and thanks for their efforts.”

To get involved in this celebratory moment and important chance to steer the climate debate, use hashtag #FCCCresulted to ask questions in the Twitter chat tomorrow, or #FCCCpic to post your inspired picture.

Here are some draft tweets to help spread the word with your own Twitter network:

On 21 march at 16:00 CET, tell @CFigueres what you think #FCCCresulted in, or post a pic #FCCCpic

The ##FCCCresulted in the Kyoto Protocol. What else do you think important? Tell @CFigueres 21 March

Questions about what #FCCCresulted in over the past 20 years? Ask @CFigueres 21 March, 16:00 CET

What is for you a defining image of 20 years of #UNFCCC? Share your impression #FCCCpic

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