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Who would you like to take part in our next Twitter Q&A?

07 March 2014
Who would you like to take part in our next Twitter Q&A?

LONDON: 2014 is The Climate Group's 10th anniversary. We're celebrating with a series of activities that highlight our past achievements, as well as drive forward our work to secure a thriving low carbon future for all. As part of our program we will be hosting a series of live Twitter Q&As with business, government and thought-leaders.

But who would you like us to host? And importantly, what topics would you like us to cover? Maybe you want more insight on China's climate policies, prospects for COP21 in Paris, answers from a sub-national government leader, or the opportunity to speak to one of our innovating corporate partners? Perhaps you want to learn more about climate financing, or solar PV?

Whatever your interests, you can tweet your suggestions to us at @ClimateGroup using the hashtag #10yearsof.

Through 2012-13 we hosted several Twitter Q&As with inspiring, international leaders, who answered your questions and shared their thoughts on a range of themes related to climate change and the low carbon economy.

In the weeks leading up to Rio+20 Earth Summit where we launched our Clean Revolution campaign, we hosted sessions with:

Then throughout 2013 we hosted influential leaders who talked about an even wider array of topics, from climate action mobilization and urban resilience to green investment and clean technologies:

As you can see, there is a lot to talk about around the clean revolution we need to achieve a global climate deal, a safer planet, and a more prosperous future for all.

So we want your input on what you want to hear more about--and from who. Please tweet your suggestions to @ClimateGroup using the hashtag #10yearsof.

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