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We work internationally with our coalition of companies, states, regions, cities and public figures on innovative programs around the world. By delivering evidence of success through our pilots and programs, we are inspiring leadership and driving the transformative change that is needed for a clean revolution.

  • States & Regions

    State and regional governments have an exciting and important role to play in the transition to a low carbon future. The United Nations Development Program estimates that 50‐80% of actions required to implement a global deal happen at the sub-national level of government which has important competencies in the areas of generation, supply and distribution of electricity, the regulation of the built environment, waste management, transport and land‐use planning.

    states and regions
  • RE100

    By 2020, 100 of the world’s largest companies will have committed to 100% renewable power. Convened by The Climate Group and in partnership with CDP, RE100 will raise awareness of the benefits for going ‘100% renewable’. The initiative will celebrate the success of companies on their journey to being 100% renewable and will collaborate with others to determine the best approaches for achieving the final goal.

  • Bijli - Clean energy for all

    The Climate Group’s Access to Rural Energy in India programme, Bijli – Clean Energy for All, which is principally funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the lives of rural inhabitants in India by deploying renewable energy technologies and improving infrastructure quality.

  • China Redesign

    Our China Redesign program aims to innovate how cities work with solution partners to speed up the deployment of low carbon technologies, products and services, so that China can deliver a better life to its people that will ultimately benefit the rest of our world.

    china redesign
  • LED Lighting

    We're working to transform how we light our world. Lighting accounts for nearly 6% of global CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, or 1,900 million tons of CO2 per year—which is the equivalent of CO2 emissions from 70% of the world’s passenger vehicles. We can make a considerable dent in carbon emissions if we make lighting more energy efficient.

    235X235 LED(1)
  • SMART 2020

    Our SMART 2020 report showed ICT could cut global emissions 15% by 2020, illustrating the big role that smart meters, smart grids, smart buildings and cities have to play in the Clean Revolution.


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