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  • Hong Kong electricity consultation: Our response

    The Government of Hong Kong’s Environment Bureau opened a three-month Public Consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market earlier this year. The Climate Group produced a formal, public response, which you can read here.

    Hong Kong city
  • Unlocking ambition: Top corporate and sub-national climate commitments

    Research by CDP and The Climate Group shows that over 100 major companies, states, regions, and cities around the world have set ambitious GHG emissions reduction targets and renewable power goals - in some cases reaching up to 100%.

  • Health and climate change: expert voice

    On the eve of the 68th World Health Assembly in Geneva where climate is firmly on the agenda, The Climate Group has released a briefing paper highlighting the links between climate change and human health.

  • RE100: The UAE – Hub of the next energy revolution?

    Our latest analysis, supported by the International Renewable Energy Agency, provides an overview of the region's current and future renewable energy landscape and explores the UAE’s role in shaping the world’s new energy future.

    re100 uae
  • UK election: Where the parties stand on climate and energy

    Ahead of the UK’s general election on May 7, The Climate Group asked the seven main political parties five specific questions about their climate commitments and low carbon growth policies.

    big ben london

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