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Australia: Clean Energy Plan - Update

22 November 2011
Download (292 KB .pdf)
Australia: Clean Energy Plan - Update

On November 8, 2011, the legislation for a carbon pricing scheme passed through the Australian Senate and became law. From July 1, 2012 onward, emitting one ton of carbon dioxide will cost Australia’s top 500 polluters AU$23. 

This freshly published Clean Energy Plan provides an update to The Climate Group’s July 2011 Clean Energy Future Briefing Paper, and covers the following issues:

  • How has Australia's carbon pricing scheme changed since July 2011?
  • Amid concerns about the European emissions trading scheme, how will Australia’s scheme compare internationally over the next few years?
  • What will Australia’s key goals be in upcoming international negotiations at Durban COP17 and the Rio Earth Summit?
  • Is Coalition repeal of the carbon price legislation a realistic possibility?

Download the Clean Energy Plan.

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