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China EV20 Report: Executive Summary

03 May 2010
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China EV20 Report: Executive Summary

Market Transformation of Low Carbon Technology: Electric Vehicles

Low carbon technologies are an important means of controlling the global effects of climate change. The electric vehicle (EV) is a key developing technology which is proving to be both a challenge and a great national and global economic and environmental opportunity.

“Electric vehicles are driving economic growth and providing a radical solution for the energy needs of transportation,” said Wan Gang, China’s Minister of Science and Technology in November last year.

With the nation undergoing significant changes in its economy and society, more and more people can afford to buy cars. The Chinese government has made a real commitment to encourage the development of EVs to meet this growing demand for mass transport. The Chinese government has set a national target to reduce carbon intensity by 40-45% by 2020. The development of EVs could be one means of achieving this target.

“The Chinese government will actively promote EV development, by providing more funding and favorable policy to EV related infrastructure construction and investment,” added Wan Gang.

As a result, EV technology in China is now facing a golden opportunity to develop into a mainstream means of transport.

This report is based on in-depth research of the current developments of EVs in China. In this report we identify the barriers to short-term development as well as the efforts needed from both the government and industry to ensure that EVs are a viable alternative to cars for a mass market.

Main topics include:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Improving energy security and the economy
  • The Chinese government’s strategy
  • Public-private partnership
  • Role of local governments
  • Moving towards EV production
  • Challenges for EV adoption in China

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