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Consumers, Brands and Climate Change 2007 (US)

11 September 2007
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The research shows a gap between what consumers want and expect from brands on climate change and what they think they are doing about it.  Awareness of what companies are doing is low and most people (69% in the UK, 74% in the US) remain unable to identify any brands as taking a lead on climate change, without prompting.

The opportunity for companies to lead is clear: people want brands (rather than green specialists) to play a bigger role in tackling climate change.  More consumers now say that they are positively choosing brands for environmental reasons, than are rejecting them.  And many intend to make climate-friendly choices, from choosing an energy tariff to buying their everyday shopping.

It is clear that green behavior is no longer a niche activity. According to the research more than 80% of the mass market have made some effort, though the proportion who have let green issues influence what they buy is only half that. When they do, it is consumer-facing brands - not green specialists - that people are looking to for solutions.

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