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HSBC Climate Partnership Review 2010

08 February 2011
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HSBC Climate Partnership Review 2010

The HSBC Climate Partnership is currently celebrating the continuing achievements of its pioneering programme tasked with creating long-term environmental and commercial value. The five-year collaboration between HSBC, The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF has been working to reduce the impact of climate change on people, forests, freshwater and cities, and to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon policies.

The HSBC Climate Partnership Review brings these achievements together, illustrating how and where the partnership has delivered real and tangible outcomes within the following areas:

  • scientific research
  • pilot projects
  • clean technology
  • government policy

Projects include helping to secure the long-term viability of the Panama Canal by researching the factors that control seasonal water flows, and increasing the income of 56,000 fish farmers in China through the adoption of sustainable aquaculture techniques.

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