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China City Low Carbon Tour

16 November 2011
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China City Low Carbon Tour

The China City Low Carbon Tour report was published as part of The Climate Group Greater China’s China Redesign program.

Building on our 2011 China’s Clean Revolution: Cities report, we review the status of implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan in China’s cities, exploring what energy and carbon policies the central government has moved forward, and ask:

  • How are these policies influencing city development?
  • How are cities responding to national policy across different sectors?
  • What lessons are emerging?

We visited four cities as case studies representing four different Chinese regions - Hangzhou, Wuhan, Dongguan and Kashgar - conducting workshops and interviews with city officials in each to review the different levels of development and industrial structures within each city.

The full report is in Chinese only, but you can download a PDF of the report's English language executive summary.

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