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Electric Vehicle Policy Initiative

20 November 2013
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Electric Vehicle Policy Initiative

In September 2011, ahead of the anticipated surge in electric vehicle (EV) deployment, The Climate Group created the Electric Vehicle Policy Initiative (EVPI)—a forum for leading sub-national governments to share experiences, lessons learned and best practices on the development of electric vehicle policies. 

Throughout 2012, group participants met virtually to identify the most critical issues facing their governments in regard to EV policy, to share experiences and ideas for engaging consumers on EVs, and to discuss EV financing and infrastructure. This report summarizes the findings. 

The Initiative functions as a working group of The Climate Group's States and Regions Alliance, and is led by the government of Quebec, with participation from the sub-national governments of the Basque Country, Bavaria, British Columbia, Brittany, California, Manitoba, New York, North Rhine-Westphalia, Ontario, Québec, São Paulo and Saxony.

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