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The Climate Group has a strong network of member companies and governments across Europe and the UK. These range from BT and Veolia, to regions like Catalonia and North-Rhine Westphalia

We work closely with our European members, as well as the many regions affiliated with our global States and Regions programs, to progress the policies and technologies of the low carbon economy. We are in regular touch with the European institutions on these issues. Additionally, we convene events with European regions and facilitate business-government dialogue on low carbon development.

In the coming year, we'll continue to support EU climate policy leadership. And we'll continue our work with business, government and the media community to speed up the deployment of key low carbon technologies to advance a Clean Revolution.

Programs and Partnerships

In addition to our building out the European element for our global programs on LEDs, smart cities, renewable energy and EVs, our Europe team is coordinating the "Business Call for a 30% reduction target in the EU's GHG emissions."

The Climate Group promotes the development of an ambitious European climate policy by highlighting the multiple benefits of low carbon investment in political debates and bringing together leading businesses in support of the call for a 30% EU emissions reductions target for 2020.


Clean Revolution Leadership from the World’s States and Regions

Leadership from the World's States and Regions

June 2011

State and regional governments play a crucial role in catalyzing sustainable development. Responsible in many cases for energy, transport, industrial and land use policies, their efforts to cut emissions will, to a large extent, determine our ability to prevent dangerous climate change.

This report showcases some of the most compelling examples of this leadership.

Download the report

plugged in fleets

Plugged-in Fleets: A Guide to Deploying Electric Vehicles in Fleets

February 2012

This Policy Briefing Paper was published in reaction to the Australian Government's recently announced Clean Energy package. This briefing provides an overview and analysis of the key details of the Australian Government's recent Clean Energy Future package – announced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Sunday 10 July.

Download the report

The Effects of EU Climate Legislation on Business Competitiveness  November 2009

Consumers, Brands and Climate Change 2008 (UK)  October 2008

Consumers, Brands and Climate Change 2007 (UK) September 2007

The Business Case for Corporate Use of Renewable Energy in Europe  May 2007

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