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North America

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North America

The Climate Group North America was established to inspire business and government leaders to take concrete action in support of a radical low carbon transformation. 

From our office in New York City, we work closely with the continent’s leading governments and businesses to advance the smart policies and financing needed to cut global emissions and unlock a Clean Revolution -- a swift and massive scaling-up of clean technologies and infrastructure, that will create jobs and economic growth, and secure a better, smarter, more prosperous future for all.

Our corporate members represent a cross-section of the economy, from beverage and consumer brands, to energy services, information technology, insurance, finance, media, power and real estate companies. These companies are already taking decisive action to create a 'clean industrial revolution'.

Our city, state and regional members are demonstrating how low carbon policies create opportunity for economic growth by increasing investment and jobs in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart planning. Our government members in North America are currently implementing more than 150 low carbon policies and include: the City of New York; the States of California and New York; the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec; and the Mexican State ofQuintana Roo

In 2006, we mobilized business and government leaders to demonstrate support for Assembly Bill 32, California’s landmark climate policy to reduce the state’s emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. 

Since 2009, we’ve been hosting Climate Week NYC, an annual summit featuring a huge array of events in New York City – with everything from high-level climate forums and panel discussions to local community projects. 

We’ve also partnered with the City of New York to light up Central Park and FDR Drive with low carbon LED lighting.

In 2010, The Climate Group and Google, along with a coalition of businesses and NGOs, sent a letter to President Obama asking the Administration to adopt the goal of giving households and businesses access to timely, useful and actionable information on their energy use, which was put into practice in the White House’s Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid.


As part of The Climate Group’s global market transformation programs, our North America team is focused on the following initiatives:

Climate Week NYC. Now in its fourth year, this annual event has become a key moment on the international climate change calendar.  In 2011, Climate Week NYC will bring business, government, NGO, and thought leaders together to call for a Clean Revolution -- one that ensures growth, creates jobs, and secures clean energy access for millions of people worldwide. 

EV. Electric vehicles present a viable way to significantly reduce emissions from the transport sector. Electric motors convert 75% of the energy from the batteries to power the wheels, while internal combustion engines convert only 20% of the energy stored in gasoline. Through our Fleet Electrification Consortium (a partnership with Electrification Coalition), we're working with our corporate and government partners to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in US fleets.

LED. LED lamps will be three times more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by 2015, offering opportunities for significant cuts in global emissions. Trials of LED outdoor luminaries and smart controls are being conducting worldwide by our LightSavers consortium, a network of 13 mostly large cities like London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Kolkata, and Sydney. This market transformation initiative is seeking to speed up acceptance of LED technology. As they reach one year, the trials have successfully validated LED performance. Many of the cities have started to scale-up, which will eventually cut their CO2 emissions from lighting by half.

Sustainable Packaging. New sustainable packaging designs are creating opportunities to reduce emissions across the value chain in production industries. We're working with leading consumer packaged goods companies in the US to increase the use of these innovative designs. Through Recycle Together, a powerful partnership between The Climate Group, American Beverage Association and their members, including The Coca-Cola Company, we’re demonstrating the environmental success that efficient recycling can have on city and town emissions planning.  

Leadership. The work of our States and Regions program has shown high-level government leadership at work in advancing the Clean Revolution. Our latest report, Leading the Way: Policy Design for a Clean Revolution, shows how three North American states are reducing their emissions with forward-thinking policies on renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart city planning, clean transport, fiscal measures and more


American clean revolution report cover

The American Clean Revolution

September 2012

Throughout history, American innovation and entrepreneurship have prompted some of the world's greatest achievements. Today, though, the prospects of providing our children with the same opportunities we've fought for and enjoyed are facing two major threats; a stagnant economy, and the increasingly devestating and costly impacts of climate change. 

Researchers have shown that a clean energy strategy could deliver GDP gains of $3 trillion to the US economy. Global business opportunities for US companies are potentially huge: the clean tech market will be worth $2 trillion by the end of the decade:

Download the report

LED report cover

Lighting the Clean Revolution: The rise of LEDs and what it means for cities

June 2012

LED (light-emitting diodes) are revolutionizing the energy efficiency of lighting. They are also infinitely scalable, extremely reliable, and have a much longer lifetime than almost all other types of lighting. But like any new technology, they face barriers to adoption from a market unfamiliar with their benefits.

This report explores the global market status and potential for LED and smart control technology, and provides practical guidance for policy makers and lighting managers who want to scale up and finance large-scale LED retrofits.

Download the report

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“[The Climate Group was] instrumental in helping pass ab32, california’s landmark greenhouse gas reduction bill.”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former Governor, State of California