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Boudewijn Poelmann

Boudewijn Poelmann
Boudewijn Poelmann



Boudewijn Poelmann is a cofounder and the CEO of United Postcode Lotteries, which raises funds for charities in The Netherlands, Sweden, England and Scotland.

The first of the Postcode Lotteries, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, has been raising funds since 1989 to support organizations working for a fairer, greener world. Fifty percent of its income goes to charity. The lottery has grown to become the Netherlands' biggest charity lottery and supports 75 nongovernmental organizations. Since its founding, the lottery has dispensed more than 2.7 billion euros to its beneficiaries.

Boudewijn also is cofounder and CEO of Novamedia, which owns the Postcode Lottery format. Before establishing Novamedia in 1983, he worked with DAF and Oxfam Novib (Dutch organization for international development aid). At Oxfam Novib he was responsible for the fundraising and was running its publishing house. In addition, he acquired experience in the European TV, telephone and printed media businesses. Until September 1992, he was also the director of IPS (Inter Press Service).
Boudewijn holds BAs in marketing and political sciences.

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