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Our Member Principles

Climate change is an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity for a Clean Revolution that will create a low carbon world, and a more prosperous life for all.

Driving the Clean Revolution will generate returns now and in the future for those who lead and those they touch: jobs, wealth, security, and better quality of life.

We can make this a reality with the technologies and ideas we have today, but it will only happen with inspired leadership now in business and in government.

The Climate Group Partners play a key role in catalyzing this leadership and signing our Principles is a commitment to that.


  1. The atmosphere is fundamentally important as a global commons for all and that the climate plays a critical role in shaping human society, the global economy, and the natural world.
  2. Present and future generations have the right to a climate that does not diminish socioeconomic opportunities or negatively impact the functioning of natural systems as a result of human activity.
  3. Climate change is an urgent problem that requires collaborative international efforts to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transition to a low carbon economy.
  4. The transition to a low carbon economy within a timeframe that minimizes the risk of serious impacts is compatible with, and essential for, promoting economic growth and increasing human prosperity.
  5. A broad market transformation is needed in the way we produce and consume energy, with a rapid shift to low and no carbon energy sources and substantially increased efficiency and energy savings. Transforming the market and reducing GHG emissions must be pursued in a manner that equitably reconciles development goals and climate protection.
  6. Individuals, companies and all levels of governments share the responsibility to minimize GHG emissions by implementing or providing solutions and measures, many of which already exist.


  1. Demonstrate our low carbon leadership by focusing our activities in a way that contributes to reducing emissions in the short, medium and long term.
  2. Set clear aims to reduce GHG emissions and explore the full range of options available to us to achieve this.
  3. Make information about our efforts publicly available and share the lessons we learn with others to support their low carbon leadership.
  4. Work with our partners, clients and stakeholders to use our influence to help them reduce their GHG emissions.
  5. Provide support in the development and implementation of well-designed, cost-effective policies that promote the commercialization and deployment of low carbon energy sources and clean technologies over the short and long term.
  6. Engage with the work of The Climate Group and support the successful implementation of the organization’s programs.

Download our Member Principles:


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