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Paul Dolan

Paul Dolan
Board member
North America

A fourth generation winemaker who has dedicated his 35-year career to green issues, Paul Dolan is known for his leadership in sustainable agriculture. A compassionate executive and winegrower holding degrees in business (Santa Clara University) and enology (California State University Fresno), Pauls influence within the wine industry is strong.

Through vehicles such as the Wine Institutes Code of Sustainable Wine Growing, speeches on climate change and citations for exemplary green practices, he has motivated other growers to adopt practices that respect the land. His book, True to Our Roots, Fermenting a Business Revolution (2003), makes the convincing case that sustainability in not only good for the earth; it is an economic advantage.

Paul has become a passionate advocate of Biodynamic® viticulture and winemaking, believing that each piece of land has a personality, a unique expression. He and his sons farm their 70-acre Dark Horse ranch biodynamically. My sons and I have embraced biodynamics so that we can expand what agriculture means for us and our families, says Paul.

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