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Jim Walker

Jim Walker
International Programmes & Strategy Director


Jim is a Co-founder of The Climate Group and serves as the organization's Director of International Programs & Strategy, based out of the New York office. He is a member of the Executive Management Team and of The Climate Group’s Hong Kong and China boards of directors.

He has worked for 16 years on green strategy and policy, formerly at Environmental Resources Management and URS Corporation in London. He has spoken at events including Climate Week NYC, the Climate Leaders Summit and TED Global and is currently focused on The Climate Group’s electric vehicles, LED lighting and smart technology programmes. He was a co-author of The Climate Group’s review of China’s 12th Five Year Plan commissioned by HSBC and spent 18 months living in Beijing in 2010-2012. He has served as a member of the final jury for the Netherlands Postcode Lottery Green Challenge since 2008, awarding US$1m to green entrepreneurs each year. He is an advisory board member at Chinese NGO Thirst4Water and a member of the UK Government's Catalyst UK business leaders' network.

Jim holds a Masters degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, and competed in rowing at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games.

You can read Jim's Clean Revolution blog and follow him on Twitter at @JimWalker99.

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