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Margaret Lo

Margaret Lo
Head of Programs and Projects
Hong Kong

Margaret joined The Climate Group in June 2008 when the Hong Kong office was first set up. Now Head of Programs and Projects for the Greater China Region she also spearheads the LightSavers program in Hong Kong, as part of The Climate Group's effort to promote the deployment of low carbon technologies at a city level.

Prior to this she worked as a Research Assistant at the Corporate Environmental Governance Program at the University of Hong Kong, where she conducted research on environmental management and corporate environmental governance and organized a number of conferences. She also worked as a Compliance Consultant and subsequently Research Associate at Cal Safety Compliance Corporation, where she conducted research on CSR issues and performed factory audits and consultations in over 15 countries.

Margaret holds a BSc in Environmental Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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