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Changhua Wu

Changhua Wu
Greater China Director

Greater China Director

Changhua Wu is the Greater China Director of The Climate Group. A China specialist for nearly 20 years and an environment and development policy analyst, she leads the organization’s strategic development in the region and manages its Greater China operations.

Changhua heads The Climate Group’s China Redesign, a catalyzing leadership program to shift China’s energy and resource consumption toward low emissions while accelerating green growth. The program focuses on working with solution providers, city managers, end-users and investors, under a holistic framework to decarbonize urban and industrial development. It advocates the development and advancement of an economic system that is in balance with the planet’s limits.

Changhua is the spokesperson for the organization on China, and a frequent commentator at international and Chinese media on China’s ambition, efforts, progress and challenges towards achieving low carbon development. She has worked with former UK Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair on a joint initiative to support a constructive Copenhagen international agreement. Currently she is the current Chair, World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Climate Change; Vice Chair, Asia-Pacific Water Forum Governing Council; Member, UNFCCC High-Level Panel on the CDM Policy Dialogue; Member, Foundation Board of Global Energy Basel; and Vice Chair, China Philanthropy Fund, All-China Overseas Chinese Federation. She is also a member of the judging panel of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneers, and chair of the WEF global agenda council of climate change, as well as KPMG’s Infrastructure 100.

Most recently, Changhua became Vice Chair of the Governing Council of Asia-Pacific Water Forum.

Before joining The Climate Group, she was Executive Director of China Operations of ENSR, working closely with multi-national corporations to support their business development in China and also their compliance with Chinese regulations. Before returning to China, she directed the Program for China Studies at the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington, DC, and consulted for multinational organizations like the World Bank, UNEP, and UNDP. She was the 1993 Fellow of World Press Institute and 2004 Fellow of the Temple Law School’s High-Level US-China Roundtable on Environmental Law and Policy. She holds two graduate degrees, one in Law from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the other in Environmental Policy from University of Maryland.

You can read Changhua's Blog and follow her on Twitter @ChanghuaWu, or on the Chinese micro-blog Sina Weibo where she has almost 160,000 followers. 

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