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Eduardo Goncalves

Eduardo Goncalves
International Communications Director
London, UK

Eduardo Gonçalves has over 20 years’ experience in communications for a number of government agencies and NGOs around the world. Most recently, he was a Director at Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency. He spearheaded the UAE’s global bid in the New 7 Wonders of Nature contest, voted best international campaign by judges. He led the Emirates campaign to phase out non-biodegradable plastic bags and a major program installing free water-saving devices in tens of thousands of homes, schools, businesses and mosques. He drove one of the world’s largest research programs into environmental attitudes and consumer behavior among different cultures and age groups, and directed an award-winning schools education program.

Prior to that he headed up international communications for WWF International’s One Planet Living initiative, managing multi-million dollar corporate sustainability partnerships including Europe’s largest privately-funded nature restoration program, and developed a number of ground-breaking online campaign tools for WWF.

Eduardo is author of the Pocket Guide to a One Planet Lifestyle and The Algarve Tiger, the dramatic story of the race to save the world’s most endangered big cat from extinction. He has also written for a number of major newspapers and magazines, and his work has been the subject of several TV and radio documentaries.

Follow Eduardo on Twitter at @Eduard_Gonc

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