Annual Disclosure

The Climate Group’s Annual Disclosure, in partnership with CDP, provides a transparent, global picture of the impact, progress and climate action driven by state and regional governments around the world. 

What is Annual Disclosure? 

Each year states and regions from around the world disclose their climate action, targets and progress to CDP. This data provides an insight into progress towards reaching the Paris Agreement and keeping the global temperature rise to well below 2°C. The process also supports governments to better understand the risks and opportunities presented by their emissions, so they can improve their emissions reduction strategies.

Annual Disclosure 2019

The 2019 Annual Disclosure process is now closed. This year’s Global States and Regions Annual Disclosure report will be launched at the end of November ahead of COP25.

Why disclose

By disclosing annually, governments are leading the way to a more transparent and collaborative approach to climate action.

The 2018 Update showcased the ambition and action of 120 state and regional governments around the world, with leading states and regions committing to decarbonize twice as fast as G20 governments.

The data from Annual Disclosure is at the heart of our work at The Climate Group driving our work across climate action with state and regional governments. Using insight from the process we are able to respond to demand, provide analysis and create tailored projects and knowledge sharing opportunities across the Under2 Coalition.

The Climate Group invites all states and regions around the world to start disclosing in 2019. This can be done by logging in to CDP’s online reporting platform. The reporting period will last until July 10, 2019. Make sure your climate action is counted.

For more information you can listen to a recording of our latest Annual Disclosure webinar 'How and why to disclose your climate action' (Available in English and Spanish

Find all the editions of the Annual Disclosure Report below:

Many state and regional governments have recognized that measurement, management and reporting of GHG emissions and climate change data is of growing importance.

By choosing to disclose annually, governments:

  • Showcase their climate ambition in the Annual Disclosure Report and on the UNFCCC Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) platform
  • Ensure their climate commitments are backed by reliable, publicly available data
  • Demonstrate their climate change leadership to companies, investors, other governments and the international community
  • Benchmark their climate actions against those of other disclosing governments
  • Identify climate-related risks and cost saving opportunities
  • Inform The Climate Group’s programmatic work and ensure that the webinars, case studies and policy groups are tailored to their needs and interests

Start Disclosing

For more information, contact:
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