Energy Transition Platform

Our Energy Transition Platform work supports state and regional governments in developing and implementing innovative clean energy policies. It is part of the Under2 Coalition, for which The Climate Group is Secretariat.

The Energy Transition Platform supports state and regional governments to develop and implement innovative clean energy policies. The Climate Group, alongside the initiative’s lead government, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Stiftung Mercator launched the Energy Transition Platform in early 2016.

The platform connects 11 highly industrialized, carbon-intensive states and regions to share transition experiences and successful initiatives; supporting them to overcome barriers, and enabling the transfer and adoption of innovative clean energy policies.

Visit our interactive, digital report 'The Energy Transition is Happening' to find out more.

1. During the Peer Forum phase, energy transition experiences were analyzed and participating governments exchanged and learned about successful models and shared challenges. Thematic areas that were discussed included stakeholder engagement, community-based renewables, emissions reductions in the heating sector, and energy storage. Please refer to the ‘Case Studies’ tab to read about specific policy models that were presented.

2. The next stage was the Innovation Lab phase, during which the governments worked together closely to overcome common barriers and spread the most promising energy transition innovations. Innovation Labs were created around priority topics identified by the governments: community-based renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and industry engagement. The Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment (Imperial College London), supported the Innovation Lab phase as the knowledge partner and has developed thematic briefings exploring the learnings of each of the Innovation Labs.


The Energy Transition Platform connects a select group of state and regional governments across some of the most highly industrialized territories in the world. As the partner regions share structural economic similarities, they are able to effectively learn about their peers’ activities and policy initiatives in areas relating to their own energy transition challenges.

Partner regions of the Energy Transition Platform include: Albertathe Basque CountryCaliforniaHauts-de-FranceLombardyMinnesotaNorth Rhine-WestphaliaSilesiaSouth AustraliaUpper Austria and Wales.

Together, the 11 partner regions have a combined GDP of US$4.5 trillion, about the same as Japan, and represent about 12.9% of the GHG emissions of their three world regions – North America, Europe and Australia.


The Government of North Rhine-Westphalia is the lead government of the Energy Transition Platform. Contributing to over 30% of German GHG emissions and producing one third of German energy, North Rhine-Westphalia is a prime example of how the energy transition can work.

The briefing “An industrial region in transition – Energy and Climate policy in North Rhine-Westphalia” was written by the Wuppertal Institute and summarizes the main findings of their research on the North Rhine-Westphalian energy transition experience. The briefing is available in English and in German

For a more detailed overview of North Rhine-Westphalia’s industry background and policies, please see here.

Knowledge partners, such as research institutes and think tanks, support the Energy Transition Platform with scientific background analysis and data collection. During the Innovation Lab phase, the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment provides technical knowledge as well as policy and economic expertise to the governments through its extended network of researchers.

Expert partners and stakeholders, such as companies and interest groups, join meetings where relevant for the specific topic of the discussion. They are also decisive when developing and testing opportunities for the adoption of emerging solutions.

The Energy Transition Platform is funded by Stiftung Mercator.

The Energy Transition Platform identifies innovative policies implemented by state and regional governments that have the potential to accelerate the global transition to a clean energy future.

Find out more about these promising policy models by reading our case studies and policy briefings:

For an overview of our partner regions' energy systems and policies, discover their individual profiles:

Energy Transition Platform

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