States & Regions Future Fund

Through our States & Regions work, governments share expertise on innovative policy, report on measurable climate actions and drive ambitious emissions reductions.

The States & Regions Future Fund aims to empower sub-national governments to accelerate the shift towards a prosperous ‘net-zero’ future for all, through strategic funding that supports climate activities in developing and emerging economy regions.

States, provinces and regions are key actors in the emerging climate governance structures and play a distinctive role in critical areas such as energy regulation and finance, where they are often responsible for both implementing national policy and enabling city policy.

The Climate Group brings together the world’s most influential state and regional governments to accelerate the global transition to a low carbon economy.

The role of developing and emerging economy regions is fundamental in our climate action against climate change. However, these regions have traditionally struggled to find resources to join international climate networks, participate in events or meetings or share lessons learned due to various resource constraints.

To address this, States & Regions Alliance members launched the States & Regions Future Fund during the annual General Assembly meeting at COP22 in Marrakech, to support initiatives to expand and grow States & Regions activities, with a special focus on developing and emerging economy regions.

Inclusion of states from developing and emerging economy regions will enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise between states in the developed and developing regions, promote and increase the visibility of climate leadership by states from developing regions.

At the General Assembly meeting of the States & Regions Alliance at COP22 in Marrakech, a total of US$153,000 was pledged as an initial contribution by the governments of:

The Climate Group will amplify this initial contribution over the coming months, as we maximize the impact of the States & Regions Future Fund.

Resources from the Fund are intended to be used for some of the following priorities agreed with the Advisory Board:

  • Support capacity building workshops or secondment of staff from other jurisdictions.
  • Support to produce knowledge material/research reports on topics of strategic importance to the jurisdictions through external experts as well as engagement with the Alliance.
  • Emission inventory support to enable transparent reporting and disclosure.
  • Convening of dedicated webinars on topics of interest to developing regions to identify and share best practice policy solutions.
  • Travel support for elected officials to attend selected States & Regions meetings.
  • Support to engage with and involve local communities on climate change issues.
  • Outreach activities to expand engagement with developing and emerging economy regions.
  • Translation services.
  • Convening of stakeholders.

States & Regions Future Fund

For more info or to join this initiative, contact:
Subaskar Sitsabeshan, States & Regions Alliance Manager, The Climate Group
+44 (0)207 960 2986
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