About EV100

Making electric transport the new normal by 2030.

EV100 is our global initiative bringing together companies committed to switching their owned and contracted fleets up to 3.5t and 50% of their fleet between 3.5 and 7 tonnes to electric vehicles and installing charging infrastructure for employees and customers by 2030.

EV100 members are increasing demand, influencing policy, and driving mass roll-out - helping to make electric vehicles more rapidly affordable for everyone. We have recently launched EV100+, our initiative focussing on zero emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles in order to build on the momentum that has been created through EV100. 

The business case

Switching to electric vehicles is not just good for the planet; it's also good for business. 

By leading the way to a clean transport future, EV100 members are getting ahead of the curve and future-proofing their operations against regulatory and reputational risk. With vehicle choices rapidly growing and upfront costs continuing to fall, there is no better time to commit to make the switch. Electric vehicles are already cheaper to run than fossil fuel vehicles, and in just a few years they will be cheaper to buy as well.

Read more about the business case for going EV here.

Joining EV100

EV100 provides a global platform to showcase corporate leadership and enable best practice sharing between our members to overcome challenges together. We drive engagement and dialogue with governments and manufacturers to address the remaining barriers to EV uptake and infrastructure roll-out. 

Companies joining EV100 make a public commitment to at least one of the following by 2030:

  • Switch their fleets to electric vehicles, and/or
  • Install EV charging for staff and/or customers.

Find out more about joining EV100 here.

Policy engagement

EV100 members don't just drive change through their own operations. They drive change in government policy too.

Their leadership helps inspire governments to set more ambitious targets towards a future where driving is 100% electric.

Their insight is also invaluable to help governments design effective policy measures to deliver on their targets. These include mechanisms to stimulate supply of EVs, boost the business case where support is still needed, and unlock investment in infrastructure.

Find out more about our EV100 policy work across the globe.

Driving the market together

With a large part of the new global vehicle fleet purchased by companies, businesses have a crucial role to play in driving the transition to a clean transport future. 

EV100 connects likeminded corporate leaders around the world to share best practice and address the remaining barriers together.

This includes building regional networks and expertise, for example through our EV leadership work in India, as well as thematic collaborations around specific challenges, such as our partnership with Transport Decarbonization Alliance and CALSTART to drive the deployment of zero-emission vans and trucks. 

Find out more about our projects and regional work.


The Climate Group is part of the We Mean Business Coalition, leading on the Coalition's Transport Transformation Team. 

In driving the transition to electric transport, we work closely with a range of partners, including Ceres, Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership and WBCSD, as well as Formula E.

In the run up to COP26, we're working closely with the UK Government, acting as a global ambassador for EV100, as well as the UN High-Level Champions. Together, we're bringing together business and government leaders at all levels across the value chain and around the world to accelerate action.

In our work to accelerate the transition to zero emission commercial vehicles, EV100/ EV100+ collaborates closely with Drive to Zero, an international platform that brings together government, manufacturers, fleets, infrastructure providers and knowledge organisations to accelerate zero emission commercial vehicles.

Together with the Transport Decarbonization Alliance and CALSTART, we're running the dialogue series "Getting Zero-Emission Vans and Trucks on the Road!" to accelerate the market uptake of zero-emission commercial vehicles.

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