Climate Week NYC

We look forward to seeing you for the 9th edition of CWNYC in September!


9:30am, 18 September 2017 to6:00pm, 24 September 2017


Venue TBC
New York City, NY
United States
Climate Week NYC

Taking place during the UN General Assembly - after a remarkable year in international politics and climate action - Climate Week NYC 2017 will gather leaders from business and government to demonstrate how continued investment in innovation, technology and clean energy will drive profitability and lead us towards a net-zero emissions global economy.

The extent to which we embrace the immense opportunities of a net-zero emissions future will depend greatly on the actions of the US in the coming five to ten years. Its capacity for innovation in technology, finance and business is unrivaled. It has shaped every industrial revolution of the last 100 years, and can do so again as we enter the next.

Businesses and government leaders at the state, regional and city level, have a critical role to play in supporting and raising the level of national ambition. The 9th annual Climate Week NYC will demonstrate how non-state actors are embracing the opportunities of the clean economy, innovating to create jobs and prosperity for businesses and communities alike. Climate Week NYC 2017 will showcase the important role that non-state actors are playing in ensuring the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Week NYC is one of the key events in the international calendar that has been driving climate action forward since it was first launched in 2009. Last year it was host to more than 100 affiliate events, and the collaborative space for climate events in support of global climate action and the SDGs. Read about some of our highlights here.

Join us for Climate Week NYC 2017, September 18-24.


Nazneen Nawaz, Head of International Communications, The Climate Group
+44(0)20 7960 2715
Join us for #CWNYC 2017 to hear from the leaders who are driving real global climate action.

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Climate Week NYC 2016: Opening Ceremony

Watch last year's signature event

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director, The Climate Group

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