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Electrification of medium and heavy-duty freight vehicles in India

This initiative will kickstart crucial conversations and build long-term ambition on zero emission vehicles & sustainable transport within the Indian business ecosystem.

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Climate Group has developed an initiative to accelerate the electrification of the medium and heavy freight vehicle (MHDV) market in India. It will leverage our EV100+ campaign and the existing business network of EV100 and determine pathways for MHDV electrification.  

While driving corporate electrification of light-duty vehicles (weighing <3.5 tons), we noticed how specific use cases such as last-mile deliveries, ride-hailing and employee transport solutions became first movers: where the switch to EVs simply made the most economic and environmental sense. Similarly, through a dedicated deep-dive engagement with industry experts, our partnership will identify beachheads that will lead to the initial deployment of zero-emissions medium-and heavy-duty trucks in India.  


The transport sector is the fastest-growing contributor to climate change, accounting for about a quarter (23%) of global emissions. It is one of the major sources of GHG emissions in countries such as the US, the UK and India. Accelerated EV uptake is essential to keep the world on a 1.5 Deg. Celsius pathway.   

In India, medium and heavy-duty trucks comprise only 2% of the total vehicle population but contribute to 45% of the overall vehicular road transport emissions. Given this disproportionate share of GHG emissions, there is a specific critical need for increased ambition and a faster transition for medium and heavy-duty freight vehicles. Accelerated electric vehicle uptake across industry sectors and vehicle types is essential for India to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and ratchet up its ambition on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).  

A clear demand for medium and heavy-duty vehicle electrification from businesses in India in key vehicle applications can jumpstart a transition. Being the third-largest truck market after China and the United States, India’s early adoption of zero-emission trucks can be instrumental in not only accelerating its domestic climate imperatives but also supporting global climate action   

Our Approach  

Like the electric transition that is unfolding in the passenger segment, early adoption of electric medium and heavy-duty freight trucks will be propelled by business adoption. Increasing fuel costs, the imminent withdrawal of concessions for diesel in key industry segments, and increasingly stricter emission norms will enable companies to consider switching to EVs for freight. However, it is unlikely that this transition will be fast without ambition and action to build momentum.  

We are uniquely positioned to help elevate India’s EV uptake and policy ambitions through our strong partnerships, and our active relationships with businesses and governments. This inclusive approach means that government, businesses and end-users are not only stakeholders in the transition to electric mobility but also beneficiaries. Our interventions seek to establish widespread approval for EV adoption through enabling business ambition, leadership with pilots, and knowledge creation and sharing, all of which need to begin now to ensure timely action against climate targets.  

Dialogue Series  

We are organising India-wide convenings for the electrification of MHDVs to prepare the Indian market (both supply and demand) for greater commitment and action. Key emerging topics will be covered such as strategies for the supply of fit-for-purpose freight vehicles and regulatory interventions that make sense for India. Fuel efficiency norms and how they can drive the electrification of freight will also be covered. Optimisation of freight applications to achieve economic viability, global policies and regulations shaping electrification of freight will be another key focus. 

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Dialogue Series - Climate Group

Knowledge Products 

Early Market Outlook Report 

Our early market outlook report outlines the landscape of the Indian trucking industry, focusing on the electrification of medium and heavy-duty trucks (MHDTs), and examines use cases with the potential for transition. Further, it makes a case for targeted action from corporates along with a robust policy environment to further propel the growth of MHDTs.

Read the report here.

Early market outlook report

To know more about the initiative, write to Kumar Nitant, Senior Project Officer – Energy Transitions, [email protected] or Nupur Ahuja, Project Coordinator – Energy Transitions, [email protected]  

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