A crucial part of the science-based targets journey

Transport is the fastest-growing contributor to climate change. Currently accounting for 23% of energy-related CO² emissions, and with pressure expected to increase especially in emerging economies, it threatens to undermine global progress towards keeping us on a below 2 degrees Celsius trajectory.

Electro-mobility offers a major solution to this problem, as well as important co-benefits such as curbing transport-related air and noise pollution. Through their investment decisions as well as their influence on staff, customers and supply chains, companies can play a major role in driving EV uptake – a potential that has not yet been fully leveraged.

Increasing numbers of companies are already looking into electro-mobility as part of their strategies to achieve science-based climate targets. In doing so, they reap the early mover advantage of innovating new business models and the associated benefits in terms of brand image, staff and customer satisfaction. They become part of the early group shaping the market development and will be well ahead of the curve when legislation such as zero emissions policies in cities comes into play.

In this context, The Climate Group is developing EV100 as a new initiative that leverages corporate leadership as a crucial catalyst for building market demand and to establish electro-mobility as a mainstream transport solution. It will do so by providing a global platform for companies to publicly commit to EV uptake across their influence areas, reduce investment cost through best practice sharing, and engage in dialogue with governments and other related stakeholders to collaboratively address the remaining barriers.

The initiative is currently in the kick-off stage, building towards a launch in fall 2017. Please contact Sandra Roling (sroling@theclimategroup.org) for further information and to receive invitations to information webinars about the campaign.

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