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US Climate Action Summit Events Program: Convening for climate and uniting for a sustainable future

16 April 2024, 18:24 UTC 5 min read

For the first time since its launch in 2021, the US Climate Action Summit is broadening its program to include a calendar of events happening in Washington D.C from April 22-28, 2024.

With Earth Week on the horizon, we recognize the power of amplifying a collective voice to create a resonant message. At the heart of this action lies the power of convening – bringing together diverse stakeholders from across sectors, industries, and communities to celebrate our planet and tackle the environmental crisis it continues to face.

Outside of the Leader’s Forum, our flagship event taking place on April 24, Climate Group is thrilled to work with a handful of other organizations to amplify a collection of the action-led convenings taking place around the week. 

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The program in overview

Leading into Earth Week, Climate Action Campaign will host a ‘Visibility Event’ on April 18 on Capitol Hill as part of their suite of Earth Day activities. The advocacy organization will gather to highlight President Biden’s transformative actions to cut climate pollution and turbocharge the clean energy economy, while calling for bolder pollution standards to be put in place. Emily Byrn, one of CAC’s Directors says that their goal is to “make climate activists visible for our target Members of Congress and reach the widest possible audience with our climate message.” 

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The US Climate Action Summit has also teamed up with the Smithsonian to highlight a range of exhibitions, activities and events happening throughout the week and beyond, where people can learn more about the impact of climate change, as well as gain insight on how they can help mitigate it. Events include Honor Earth: An Earth Day CelebrationNatural Science Careers Workshop for Undergraduates and Glacier: A Climate Change Ballet. You can find out more about the 14 programs and exhibitions, taking place across Washington, DC; Chantilly, Virginia; Edgewater, Maryland; and New York, here.

Meanwhile, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are taking a different spin on their Earth Week activity on April 20, with the Earth Day Heroes 2024, an interactive exhibit for children and families to grow their appreciation for Earth and nature, discover the importance of their choices, and learn about science. “We believe you're never too young to start learning about the Earth.” says Ben Ulrich, Communications Associate at the National Academies. “The problems younger generations already face are complex and contentious. Our hope for this event is to inspire children to engage with science, to inform the next generation of leaders, and to help them find informed and innovative solutions to the toughest challenges.” he adds. 

US Climate Action Summit Make Action Real

On Monday, April 22, the Impact Climate Institute will be hosting a virtual Earth Day discussion titled ‘Accelerating Climate Action with Impact Communications’ which will focus on harnessing the power of communications to convene communities and inspire climate action. 

This session will explore communications as an indispensable tool for accelerating climate action and inciting advocacy, with dialogue centered around:

  • The transformational potential of communications in changing the trajectory of the climate crisis 
  • Climate stories and angles that resonate widely during this time of unprecedented division and misinformation 
  • How humanizing the climate crisis and sharing stories of innovation can turn apathy into action

The National Academy of Medicine is host a virtual convening addressing research gaps at the intersection of climate change, health, and equity on April 22. The workshop builds on past scoping efforts to engage participants in discussion about research gaps and highlight effective interventions to adapt to and mitigate climate’s impact on health and equity in communities. Registration is open.

USCAS Making Science Real

The following day, on April 23, The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations & Environment will be hosting a private, insightful 2 hour-site visit for our Leaders Forum attendees, to learn about the energy research that NRL is leading. The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is a research laboratory for the United States Navy and Marine Corps committed to a wide range of scientific research and technological development across materials science, electronics, aerospace, oceanography, and environmental science. 

The lab boasts demonstrations and presentations on a range of pioneering projects, including turning seawater into jet fuel, fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells for small unit power, safety improvements for lithium battery technologies and more.

In honor of Earth Week, this tour will provide delegates with an opportunity to explore the lab’s brilliant advancements in energy technologies, with opportunities to engage in live demonstrations and presentations on a range of pioneering projects.

On Thursday, April 25, The National Academy of Medicine will co-host Climate and Health Day with Kaiser Permanente and Climate Group as part of the US Climate Action Summit. The Climate and Health Day public program will feature four panels exploring different aspects of climate and health. The goals of the public program are to: 

  • Hear from global leaders on driving actionable change to address climate change 
  • Delve into the impacts of climate change on health, including risks, impacts, and equitable solutions 
  • Highlight opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration and partnership building for mitigation and adaptation 
  • Explore mechanisms for creating climate-resilient communities and elevating community experience and expertise 

In addition to the program, the day will include the launch of the NAM’s new initiative “Accelerating the National Climate and Health Movement”, an initiative intended to build upon and sustain the groundswell of health sector organizations addressing climate and health across the nation.

Lastly, on April 26, The Yale Center for Environmental Communication will be hosting “Methane Matters: Strategic Communications for Climate Action”, a virtual webinar designed to explore how strategic communications and grassroots organizing campaigns can win the policies to phase out methane and boost cleaner, all electric alternatives. 

The collaborative approach to this year’s US Climate Action Summit attests to our belief that amplifying collective voices and creating opportunities for more crucial conversations is important in a time where unprecedented environmental challenges persist.

As we confront the existential threat of climate change, we encourage you all to explore these events as part of our collective response. By harnessing the power of collaboration, advocacy, and resource mobilization, this year’s summit has the potential to catalyze transformative change and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.