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Champa Patel and Jerry Brown

US-China summit is 'watershed moment'

30 May 2024, 14:35 UTC 1 min read

Champa Patel, Executive Director for Governments and Policy

In response to discussions taking place at the critical US-China High Level Event on Subnational Climate Action, below is a statement from Champa Patel, our Executive Director of Governments & Policy:

"At a time when geopolitical divisions run deep, states and regions show that progress can still be made on critical issues like climate change. We can’t tackle climate change without the US and China on board, so the sole fact they joined forces at this High-Level Event on Subnational Climate Action makes this a watershed moment. With discussions on methane, coal, the electrification of transport and deforestation, this summit proves we can face challenges head-on.”

 “Through the work of leaders in the US and China, including the Under2 Coalition’s co-chair, California, climate cooperation has accelerated beyond expectations. When national ambition for our climate has fallen short, subnational leaders have consistently stood tall. The fact that this summit is even taking place is testament to the hard work being done behind the scenes at all levels of government.”

“Now it’s time to put this hard work to good use and develop NDCs that truly address the climate crisis and safeguard our collective future. We know what has to be done – now we need to do it.”