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European Parliament Elections

2024 EU Elections: Backtracking and delaying is bad for business

11 June 2024, 8:42 UTC 2 min read

Climate Group works with some of the largest businesses and over 40 subnational governments in Europe to speed up climate action.

To meet 2050 climate targets and provide long-term confidence and direction to the corporates we work with, we laid out six areas the EU needs to focus on in the next legislative term to maintain and strengthen its climate credentials: 

  1. Ramp up production and installation of renewable energy
  2. Accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).
  3. Support the steel and concrete industries in decarbonising while remaining competitive.
  4. Promote energy efficiency and ramp up renovation rates to make buildings more efficient.
  5. Cut emissions across the food chain.
  6. Enhance the role of states and regions.

You can read the full manifesto here

In response to the 2024 EU Election results, Jeroen Gerlag, Head of Climate Group, Europe said:

''The outcome of the EU elections are concerning, but they can’t be a reason to take our foot off the pedal on climate. EU citizens are already feeling the effects of climate change - heatwaves, wildfires and flooding. They’re still worried about the climate crisis, and they still want a bright, healthy future for their kids. There’s no other way to tackle both these issues than by delivering an ambitious climate agenda.

“That is also what the companies and subnational governments we work with tell us – they want to continue in the direction that has been set with the Green Deal. Backtracking and delaying is bad for business.

“We call on the future EU Parliament and Commission to implement already adopted legislation to create new jobs, boost the global competitiveness of the EU, raise living standards and accelerate the transition to climate neutrality by setting out roadmaps for key industries. That means ramping up renewables capacity, accelerating the shift to EVs and supporting heavy industry with emissions reduction. There really is no alternative.”

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