Energy efficiency is climate critical

Energy efficiency is the fastest and most cost-effective way to cut bills and cut global fossil fuel demand. The cheapest and greenest form of energy is energy you don’t use. The IEA estimates that energy efficiency can deliver more than 40% of the necessary global reduction in energy-related emissions.

Every single net zero conversation must begin with energy efficiency and EP100 members are leading the way.

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At Climate Week NYC 2023, Toby Morgan, Senior Manager, Built Environment at Climate Group, discusses the benefits of EP100 membership and corporate action on energy efficiency.
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What is EP100?

EP100 is a global corporate energy efficiency initiative, bringing together over 125 ambitious businesses committed to improving their energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can cut emissions and save businesses billions. To date, EP100 members have saved $1.2 USD billion whilst reducing their emissions by more than the annual emissions of Denmark, Italy and Portugal combined.

EP100 members are committed to doubling their energy productivity, rolling out energy management systems, or achieving net zero carbon buildings. Through public commitments, and driving  towards those targets, companies can show climate leadership and send a powerful signal to policymakers and other businesses about the enormous climate potential of energy efficiency.

Now more than ever, all companies must play a role in the transition to net zero. Energy efficiency is an important first step and must be engrained into every corporate strategy.

ABB, Siemens, and Mitie are already on board. Is your company ready to play a leading role in the energy transition? 

EP100 members are making the most of every unit of energy they consume. Learn more about what our members have achieved.

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member companies

Our members work in over 120 markets worldwide and across a diverse range of sectors from retail and hospitality, to construction and manufacturing. Through measures such as fitting more efficient air conditioners, building facilities which retain heat better and installing more efficient manufacturing machinery, our members are cutting emissions and driving climate action.

1,240 TWh

of energy saved to date

That's similar to the annual electricity use of Japan, Malaysia and Singapore combined.

395 million

metric tonnes of CO2e

To date, EP100 members have reduced emissions more than the annual emissions of the UK and Belgium combined. 

USD $1.4 billion

combined savings to date

EP100 members have reported combined savings of USD $1.4 billion, as a result of implementing energy efficiency measures. 

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