Accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles on the road to COP26

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RouteZero ran in the run up to COP26 from 2020-2021, and the work is now being continued under A2Z Coalition.

Accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles is essential if we’re going to win the race to zero. As we move towards COP26 – the last, best opportunity for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement – governments, businesses, investors and individuals have a critical role to play in leading this transition.

RouteZero is a global platform to showcase ambitious commitments and bold action on zero emission vehicles, supporting the Race to Zero Breakthroughs and the UK government’s COP26 Presidency campaign on clean road transport.

"RouteZero will showcase the highest levels of ambition to drive momentum on the road to COP26, bringing together commitments and evidence of action to send a clear message that zero emission vehicles are the future."

Alok Sharma, COP26 President

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To win the race to zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, the world must achieve near-term breakthroughs across every sector of the global economy. This includes making zero emission road transport a reality within the next two decades.

To set the bar for ambition ahead of COP26, the Race to Zero Breakthroughs call for a deadline on new internal combustion engine vehicles sales within leading markets. The goal is to have:

  • 100% zero emission buses by 2030
  • 100% zero emission cars and vans by 2035
  • 100% zero emission heavy goods vehicles by 2040

In support of this aim, RouteZero brings together leaders from around the world taking the steps today that can make this a reality tomorrow.