EV100 policy work

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We're working with EV100 members to ramp up governments' ambitions for switching to 100% electric vehicle sales, backed up by strong policies to accelerate market uptake.

How we work with members on policy

As part of our annual reporting process, our members tell us what barriers they are facing to achieve their EV100 goals, and what policy solutions could unlock progress. We discuss policy regularly through our Policy Working Group. We then work to influence policy frameworks directly in key target geographies.

Our global policy position statement

Current policy projects

In 2020, we launched the UK Electric Fleets Coalition, in partnership with EV100 member BT Group, to bring businesses together to call for the UK Government to set a target of 100% EV sales by 2030. We're pushing for a range of policy measures to achieve this target, including a zero-emission vehicle mandate and upgrading the national EV charging network.

In Europe, we're focusing on strengthening EU vehicle emissions standards (e.g. a joint letter with Transport & Environment to EU Commission President), to chart a trajectory to 100% EV sales no later than 2035 and ensure sustained growth in the variety and availability of EVs on the market. We've also activated EV100 members in domestic policy debates in key EU Member States such as Germany.

In the USA, we're promoting the Transportation & Climate Initiative, a major cap-and-invest program aiming to cut transport emissions and boost the EV market across Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. We're also working with multiple states such as California on various EV policy initiatives and scoping the potential for renewed federal policy action in 2021. We have also recently released a new position paper Key Policies to Drive the Electric Vehicle Transition in the US

In the run-up to COP26, we're working with the UK Government COP Presidency and the UN High Level Climate Champions to accelerate EV action across a wide range of global stakeholders. This includes seeking ambitious commitments backed by robust policy from national and sub-national governments in major auto markets around the world.

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