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You can find out how to get in touch and join EP100 here.


At a Glance - EP100.pdf

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Date added: 21/04/21

At a Glance - an overview of the EP100 initiative

Joining EP100 is an opportunity to set a public energy goal and demonstrate credible climate leadership through our high profile global campaign. Through us you can participate in global peer-to-peer engagement on best practises in energy productivity and secure public opportunities to showcase your work. 


We'd love to chat with you about EP100. Please contact us if you are interested!

To join, we invite companies to make a public commitment to one or more of the following areas:

1. Double Energy Productivity: A company commits to doubling its economic output from every unit of energy it consumes globally within 25 years, with a baseline year of 2005 at the earliest. The company chooses a relevant energy productivity metric (e.g. revenue/gigajoules (GJ) of energy) to track and report. Further information can be downloaded here: 


Detailed commitment criteria - Doubling energy productivity.pdf

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Date added: 21/04/21

Detailed commitment criteria of the Doubling Energy Productivity pathway

2. Implement an Energy Management System: A company commits to implementing an energy management system (EnMS) in each of its facilities within 10 years and commits to an energy productivity target. Deploying an EnMS is a foundational step toward improving energy productivity. Further information can be downloaded here: 


Detailed commitment criteria - EnMS.pdf

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Date added: 21/04/21

Detailed commitment criteria of the Implemting and Energy Management System pathway

3. Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A company commits to owning, occupying and developing buildings that operate at net zero carbon emissions by 2030. A net zero carbon building reduces energy demand, is highly energy efficient and is fully powered by renewable electricity. This commitment is led by the World Green Building Council, and gives insight to a company’s emissions, energy demand reductions, and renewable energy solutions from an asset and portfolio level. Further information can be downloaded here: 

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Detailed commitment criteria_NetZeroCarbonBuildings.pdf

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Date added: 27/10/20

Detailed commitment criteri of the Net Zero Carbon Buildings pathway - led by the World Green Building Council

We'd love to hear from you about joining EP100. If you'd like to find out more and set up an introductory call or meeting or request a joining form, please get in touch!