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LED Events and Webinars

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9 September 2020 - Future proofing and interoperability with the Zhaga standard:

Climate Group’s LED work has revealed that cities want to benefit from the significant energy and maintenance savings that LED systems provide and they see the technology as a priority - but many seek guidance on the best technology options, best practices and funding solutions. With the wealth of manufacturers, products and service providers, the choice can be overwhelming for city stakeholders. Furthermore, cities need to hold open procurement practices to ensure value for money. In this webinar we explore how the Zhaga standard can guarantee LED products which are future-proofed, scalable and interoperable; giving cities the flexibility they desire - click here to view the recording.

24 June 2020 - Smart infrastructure and city engagement:

Exploring how citizen engagement can be improved with smart infrastructure investment opportunities. LED public lighting schemes not only offer unprecedented energy and maintenance savings; they can also enable cities to use smart technologies to gain invaluable data insights on city life. These insights can, in turn, enable cities to plan and target resources more effectively and efficiently. Hear from expert speakers from various sectors discuss how ensuring scarce resources are invested in smart infrastructure can help to increase city resilience in this time of global uncertainty - click here to view the recording. 

25 March 2020 - Revitalizing a community through lighting:

Exploring how an LED street lighting programme can help to transform a city for the better; including ambience, improving the night-time economy, civic pride and crime and safety. Hear from stakeholders from cities, utilities, policy makers and manufacturers to discuss how their experience of LED lighting schemes has helped to reinvigorate the community- click here to view the recording.

11 December 2019 - Connected Lighting - Investing in the Future: 

The unprecedented energy savings of 50-70% from LEDs compared to traditional lighting presents a compelling urgency to raise the priority of LED adoption. Our work has revealed that cities want to benefit from the significant energy and maintenance savings that LED systems provide, and they see the technology as a priority - but many seek guidance on the best technology options, best practices and funding solutions. Despite the significant and proven energy and maintenance savings, the upfront capital costs may be prohibitive to many municipalities. In this webinar we will examine how cities can get LED programs off the ground and some of the different approaches which cities have employed to finance their schemes - click here to view the recording.

18 September 2019 - Connected lighting - Ensuring data security:

Exploring how cities can ensure their data collection activities are secure; to truly benefit both City Halls and citizens alike. Hear from expert speakers from industry bodies and manufacturers to gain valuable insights in this crucial area - click here to view the recording.

19 June 2019 - Smart cities - An ecosystem approach:

Exploring how an ecosystem approach between stakeholders can facilitate successful smart cities projects. Cities do not want to lock themselves into systems that are not talking to each other and are not scalable. Rather it implies by definition working and collaborating with different partners and players – with technology companies, lighting companies, different city divisions etc. Collaboration, openness and integration are key - click here to view the recording.

26 March 2019 - State level support accelerating LED street lighting adoption:

Covering the significant impact in which state, regional and national level energy policy can help cities adopt LED street lighting. As well as driving uptake, and wider energy efficiency innovations, supporting policy can also play a key role stimulating future market and investment growth - click here to view the recording.

28 November 2018 - Ensuring citizen engagement:

Exploring how cities can take steps to ensure LED street lighting projects gain acceptance and public buy-in. Hear from a number of expert speakers, and examine case studies where good practice has been demonstrated - click here to view the recording.

20 September 2018 - Focus on US utilities:

Covering the remaining LED adoption challenges for cities and utilities, and explore some of the innovative finance approaches employed. In particular, exploring examples to managing the stranded asset costs of existing lighting hardware which may have remaining operational life, and represent a financial barrier to immediate LED adoption - click here to view the recording.

21 June 2018 - Unlocking Smart City potential: 

The drive towards connected energy efficient lighting serves as a stimulus for wider renovation of ageing city infrastructure, and for further innovations in ‘smart city’ development and the Internet of Things (IoT). It also presents the opportunity to build upon a connected and secure city lighting network with an expanding array of city-to-citizen data-based products and services. Many city managers and mayors are considering their Smart City options, but with so many options, technologies and multiple stakeholders, implementing a scheme can seem like an insurmountable task - click here to view the recording.

3 October 2017 - Accelerating the switch to LED lighting solutions:

Update on the campaign and how we are working with key actors to accelerate the switch to LED lighting solutions. Exploring opportunities for how state and regional governments can help enhance vertical integration on LEDs enabling policies, showing climate leadership through carbon savings by adopting this technology at scale - click here to view the recording.