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Net Zero Futures dialogue series

There will be six sessions in the dialogue series, in addition to an introductory session and a closing session.

These will take place from March 2021 until December 2021 and will include presentations by experts and Net Zero Leaders – state and regional governments that have already set net zero targets – as well as guided discussions among peer governments.

The sessions will cover the following themes, with topics and questions tailored to the needs of states and regions:

  1. Setting a regional net zero target and a long term vision​

  2. Keeping equity and justice at the centre of your state or region’s net zero target​

  3. Developing a pathway to achieve a net zero target​

  4. Defining sectoral policies to implement a pathway to achieving net zero emissions​

  5. Engaging stakeholders on sectoral policies and pathways and building resilience​

  6. Tracking progress towards achieving a vision and a net zero target

Why should your government take part in Net Zero Futures?

  1. Peer-learning activities, such as the Net Zero Futures dialogue series, to understand the breadth of global experiences of setting and delivering on net zero targets​
  2. Knowledge and capacity-building in topics related to institutionalising a net zero target and understanding sectoral pathways - as well as the socio-economic benefits of doing so​

  3. Access to resources and tools specific to states and regions, such as the Under2 Pathways Framework​

  4. Participation in a community of like-minded peers to share experiences, propose questions and topics and share best practice on decarbonising economies​

  5. Empower states and regions to join the UN’s Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns ahead of COP26 in Glasgow​

  6. Invitations to other events and opportunities related to furthering net zero capacity and elevating the voices of states and regions​

  7. Highlighting the leadership of state and regional governments at a global level